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29 August, 2020 10:00 am

                    Manor RINK



                ANTIQUE / COLLECTABLE

                 Lamps (CPR)

                 Pails-White Rose,Esso,Westeel-Rosso-Misc pails

                 Ammunition shell boxes

                 Fur stretchers and assortment of animal traps

                 Antique hand built wood chest

                 100 year old post cards

                 Old prints and lithographs

                 Wheat pool calendars

                 Antique silver ice bucket and flatware


                  Collection of vintage barber items

                 Toy horses

                 Table hockey game

                 Tobacco tins and boxes

                  Hose clamp sign

                  Early wooden table top hockey game

                  Group of Bacolite items

                 Assortment of hockey cards

                 Cream separator

                 Cream cans

                 Enamel ware

                 Barn lamps

                Cast iron ware

            HISTORY BOOKS


          Herbert,Demaine,Wolsely,Churchbridge and many more  [Check pictures]







               Model 1894 30-30 year 1899 round barrel                  

               Model 1894 32 W5 year 1906 round barrel

               Model 1892 38-40 year 1906 round barrel

                 Model 1894 32-40 year 1901 round barrel

                Model 94A E 356 YEAR 1989

               Klondike Goild Rush    30-30

              Cheyenne Carbine       44-30

              Apache Carbine            30-30

               Little Big Horn              44-40             


               Large assortment of foreign coins

              Canadian and American-pennies,50 cent pieces.silver dollars

               British coin sets

                       1957 full year

                      1967/1971 Decimal set

                      Uncicirculated [Coinage of Great Britain 1965/67

                       Uncirculated 1967 full year Great Britain

 1967 Can. Centennial dollar bill and full silver coin set.
Pair of Vintage .999 fine silver gambling tokens from Reno/Tahoe and Elko Neveda —–Canadian Coin set marking the 50th Anniversary of the Normady invasion, with a   special coin commemorating the Canadians landing at Juno Beach.
                   – 1937 King Geo. VI Bank of Canada $10 bill (height of the depression).986 United Kingdom Royal Mint Proof set


                 HARDWARE AND SHOP

                 Truck tool box

                 IHC hub cap

                 8 parking cones

                  Assortment of socket sets

                 Parts cabinets [2]

                 Power bars

                Compression tester  [Snap on]

                 Locking storage cabinet

                  Air scraper [Snap on]

                  Tower heater

                   Rolling cabinets

                  Step stools

                Swivel table to fit  2008 van

                MUSICAL RELATED

                Gretsch guitar case

                 Fender amplifer

                Recording mixers

                  Gk acoustic guitar model 300

                MJV electric guitar  

               Assortment of musical  from one band               


                   Imported fine line

                 One of a kind Scottish

                 Fine Irish linen

                Assortment of silver serving sets




                   Church pews [2]

                  New vacuum cleaner

                   MODEL TOYS

                   Peterbilt truck

                 D 6 crawler tracks

                LTD edition Ford Texaco die cast fuel truck

                IHC Cub/Farmall Cub/Farmall F-20

                2 diecast stationary engine replicas

               Several John Deere model tractors




                  Toy Cat engines

                  Dash cameras [4]

                  Toy truck parts

                  Smith Miller truck parts

                  Phone holders













                Assortment of figurines and dishes

                Crocks and pottery

                Old glass paper wts

                Paragon fine China

                MILITARY RELATED

                WW2 was badges

                Misc military items

                Browning wasp bow




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